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Electronic Driving Mirror Panel

Electronic Driving Mirror Panel

Product Code: TFA006003

Product Size:
595mm x 800mm

Product Usage:
This panel has interactive noises.

Other Comments:
Fixings are not supplied with this product

Noisy Mirror, Signal, Maneuver, Beep Beep ?

This panel has 4 touch sensors with the following sounds: Wipers, Horn, Indicators and Ignition start up and comes with mirror inserts and steering wheel

These well designed indoor/ outdoor panels are highly durable panels constructed of HDPE. These panels are completely washable with all cleaning products and are designed not to fade in daylight.

This panel includes:

- Touch-sensor activation
- Ultra-reliable commercial grade electronics
- Water-proof marine grade speaker
- Tough, steel, water-resistant enclosure for electronics
- Unpluggable components for easy maintenance
- Long-life, easy to change batteries
- 4-button electronic soundsWipers, Indicators, Ignition and Horn sounds
- Rotating car steering wheel
- Virtually unbreakable polycarbonate mirrors

This panel now comes with a 3 Year Guarantee on the electronics

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