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Wobbly Worm Head Wall Panel

Wobbly Worm Head Wall Panel
New Product

Product Code: TBD023630

Product Size:
530mm x 480mm x 270mm

Product Usage:
Aged 3+

Other Comments:
Can be used to form a long multi-activity wall panel

Hello Mr Wobbly Worm

Caterpillar Head Wall PanelThis wall toy is a playful game of matching shapes in an oversized puzzle. There are no loose pieces as the shapes are securely attached . 
The different elements are gliding over the play wires and train hand-eye-coordination and fine motor skills. 
This item is one of the five different elements showing an exceptional mural and offer several children up to 3 years different possibilities to play. Clear designs deliver the game idea directly without any further instructions and stimulate very much the children´s activity and development. 


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