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Complete 5 Piece Wobbly Worm Wall Panel

Complete 5 Piece Wobbly Worm Wall Panel
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Product Code: TBD023060A

Product Weight: 22 Kg

 Our Wobbly Worm

5 Piece CaterpillarNo matter how carefully your office staff schedule appointments, there are going to be times when young children will be spending time in your waiting area.  If there is nothing for them to do, they can get bored and restless and before long, they're busy turning magazines into playthings and furniture into playground equipment! It's far better to have something in place to divert their attention. When the kids are happy, your patients will be able to relax without the constant interruptions that young children can make. 

A child-friendly waiting area with calm, occupied children improves the mood of everyone, including your staff and the clients without children.  But what will answer this need without creating more problems?

Complete Caterpillar Wall PanelMany well-intended business owners set up a box of toys or a table with crayons and paper without realizing the hazards and troubles that these cause in a professional setting.  Lost and broken toys are a money drain.  Loose toys not only quickly become unsanitary, but also choking and tripping hazards. And crayon art means lots of paper waste--if they stay on the paper!  Don't make these mistakes.  Purchase an item that will stand the test of time and will solve your problem without creating a new one.

Mount a 5-piece Wobbly Worm Wall Panel on one side of your waiting area and it will become an instant magnet for kids.  This attractive and engaging wall panel has no loose parts, is sturdy, and is built for the sole purpose of entertaining children in high use, public areas.  Mounted on a wall away from busy foot traffic, children will happily explore the many activities.  Parents will be free to watch from nearby seating, or can take care of checking in and out without juggling a child along with their insurance cards and payments.  Customers will leave with the knowledge that you've worked to meet their needs above and beyond dental care, by providing a comfortable, professional waiting area.

Product Detail:

Worm Head
This wall toy is a playful game of matching shapes in an oversized puzzle, with all shape game pieces securely attached.

Worm Turn Around Labyrinth Wall Panel 
Magnetic balls are traced through this labyrinth with magnetic wands and turning styles; enhances cognitive, fine motor, and early writing skills.

Worm Balance Wall Panel 
Children practice counting and balancing as they try to position the magnetic balls on each side of the sand hill.

Worm Gears Wall Panel 
Brightly colored and elaborately decorated gears create exciting visual effects when the dials are turned.

Worm Clock Wall Panel 
Children can practice telling time or can assign a time for different times of the day or time of the year.

Main Materials: Russian Plywood, German silk printing ink and German lacquer.

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