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Tom Loco Time Wall Panel

Tom Loco Time Wall Panel
New Product

Product Code: TBD023642

Product Size:
445mm x 395mm

Product Usage:
Aged 3+

Other Comments:
Can be used to form a long multi-activity wall panel

All aboard the Loco!

Toys for Time Wall Toy Train Tom  is a particularly attractive form of wall ornamentation with educational characters. It has 4 different series including Loco, Kids, Time and Trip, each made with different themes and brought different fun & educational meanings for children. There are four individual units Loco, KIds, Time and Journey so you can make the Train as long as your wall can be! Contains removable parts
Tom the Loco, Time element

* Moving the hands on the analogue clock
* Time cards with answer check
* Setting hands to a.m. and p.m. 
Encourages: Cognition, Motor Skills, Numbers, Quantities, Shapes

Complete Tom Loco Set

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