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Car Gear Wall Panel

Car Gear Wall Panel
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Product Code: TBD023647

Product Size:
550mm x 550mm x 105mm

Product Usage:
Aged 4+

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Crab Fish Wall Panel
The wall element consists of colourful gears and wooden disks, which are different in size. They are activated with a gear crank. The single elements are connected through gears or rubber band. The rotatory motion of the gear crank effects that all elements are interlocked and the car is operated at the top level.
Size: 550 x 550 x 105 mm
Age: 2ys +
Players: 1+
Develops: trying out different rotating movements; first experiences with physics in early learning; speech development.

• It`s suitable for any room in which children like playing, e.g. group rooms in schools, day-care centres or leisure facilities but also for children´s bedrooms and playrooms in private houses • Rooms in which children have to wait a long time, for example in halls and foyers of schools, day-care-centres or leisure facilities and in waiting rooms at the doctor, optican, in the bank etc...

Warning! Not suitable for children under 3 years. Possible choking hazard. 

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