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Monster Discovery Interactive Wall Panel

Monster Discovery Interactive Wall Panel
New Product

Product Code: TSL003690

Product Weight: 15 Kg

Product Size:
Width 60cm, Depth 10.2cm, Height 55cm

Genuine value is created when there's room for everyone and when kids experience joy as they embark on their journey of discovery through life. Our goal is to let kids be kids: to let them play and develop in their normal surroundings - shops & restaurants, at home, on holiday, or wherever else. The 21 inch interactive wall panel contains no violent actions, no bad language, no discrimination and no misleading advertising or pressure to buy. This game is a tool for today's kids.

A tool that understands what it means to be a child, to allow the child to develop in the best way for that child, at his or her own pace.

  • 12 games & 100+ levels, unique graphics in Full-HD
  • Multi Touch, all new in-house developed educational software
  • Our software has been developed in-specifically with kids in mind.
  • The software includes 13 games for kids ranging in age from about 18 months to perhaps 10 years old.
  • The following games are included with the PlayTouch software: Memory, Ticktacktoe, Drawing, Sorting game, Shuffle puzzle, Line game, Spot the Difference, Bubble game, various jigsaw puzzles and a counting game.