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Caterpillar Corner Seat themed chair

Caterpillar Corner Seat themed chair

Product Code: TKK002253

Product Size:
420mm x 420mm x 520mm

Other Comments:
Corner seat, Seat Hieght 300mm

Our premium range of children's school furniture especially designed for the busy classroom; each themed piece will enhance any area.

  • Hand-made pieces of furniture using the finest materials for added comfort and increased longevity.
  • Encompassing soft touch, extra thick reinforced vinyl, double stitching and supported by a high quality foam filling.
  • These stunning and unique designs are digitally printed offering detailed clarity and vivid colours all protected by a hardwearing soft touch, lacquer coating.
  • Each superior piece of furniture is ergonomically designed offering both child and teacher posture support and long stay comfort.
  • Meets all relevant safety and strength standards.
  • Stain resistant and wipe clean, this seating is both durable and hardwearing.

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