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Polar Delta 21inch Touch Interactive Wall Panel

Polar Delta 21inch Touch Interactive Wall Panel

Product Code: TSL003712

Product Weight: 15 Kg

Product Size:
Height 55 cm Width 60 cm Depth 10 cm

Available Colours:
White and Blue Frame

Product Usage:
This item is suitable for Wall Mounting

Other Comments:
Minor fixing is required, all fixings supplied and power supply required

The Polar Delta 21 inch is an interactive play system with a 21 inch touchscreen. The play systems comes with white or blue housing that can be mounted to a wall, on a play fence or on a play system. The Delta 21 inch comes with the Arctic adventures software. This educational and non-violent software is especially developed and contains 11 games that are suitable for children from the age of 4 to 8+ years old. It is also possible to choose one of our other software options.The Polar Delta 17 inch interactive play system is available with a white and blue housing suitable to mount on the wall, on a play fence or on a play system. This popular play system can already be found in thousands of establishments all over the world.The entire housing is exactly the same size as our standard play modules, so not only can it be used as a stand alone wall mounted solution, but can also be specified as an option on our play systems. The modern, safe and durable housing allows children to explore and play freely.

Arctic Adventures Software

The 11 interactive games take place in a natural setting with calm, neutral colours. This software is about playing, learning and developing. It contains games with the theme 'save the planet', in which children are playfully environmentally conscious. The software allows children from 4 to 8+ years old to enjoy themselves.All games are violent- and language-free and therefore suitable for all children. Arctic adventures can be installed on the 10, 17, 21, 32, 43 and 65 inch

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