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Easy fix Wall Murals

Bespoke Low Cost Wall Murals to Transform any Space


New for 2019, fantastic, exclusive vinyl wall murals with bespoke designs that can be tailored to your wall length and height and would accommodate any Toys for Time Wall Activity panel of your choice. 

A collection of wall murals that can transform a dull play area in an immersive and engaging children’s space suitable for all ages. Unlike traditional murals our bespoke designs integrate a selection of wall-based activities providing you with a fully integrated design solution for a fraction of the cost compared to traditional methods. We can tailor our graphics to suit your needs including corporate branding and integrating new or existing wall based activity panels. 

Wall mural


Fun and engaging illustrations that provide animation and interactivity within a space.All our themes include subtle links to one another allowing you to integrate different environments within a single space.

Bespoke Graphics

Our graphics have been developed to suit all of our wall panels. Simply select your preferred wall activity panels and themed graphic and we'll develop your custom graphic

Integrated Activities

If you fancy a more seamless design then our integrated activity panels can offer you just as much fun. These are great for small space or where you require an extension to a landmark graphic.

Explore how this can work for you...

To see the advantages and to find out more about our children's wall mural range please download our brochure here. or visit our partner Murals for Play website (ww.muralsforplay.co.uk): here 

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