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Interactive Play Systems

We can supply the largest collection of interactive play systems with touchscreens, from simple wall touch screen panels, interactive screen built into free standing play units, collaborative touch screen tables, dedicated Playstation or Xbox gaming units or even furniture that incorporates stylish interactive screens. We include specifically written applications for young children that can be both educational and fun. 

Interactive Wall Panels and Free Standing Systems

There is significant growth and use of Interactive play systems for children, with easy to use, educational and fun, safe applications to keep children of many ages totally immersed and occupied. 
Interactive Wall Unit
Interactive Floor and Wall Projection Systems

Bring to life any wall, floor area, walkway or any room corner, that can now be quickly transformed into a sensory, fun, bright and engaging environment that reacts in real time.
Interactive Floor
Xbox / PS4 Gaming Stations

Especially for the slightly older children  (or even adults!) who know and love real Playstation , Xbox One and XBox 360 Kinetic games. Wall mounted or standalone systems with a variety of screen sizes upto a huge 60 inches.
PS4 gaming Solutions
Interactive Furniture and Tables

Tables are perfect to encourage collaborative educational interaction from many children, we specifically written applications to guide the children through their interactive adventures
Manico fun Tables

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Interactive Tables and Furniture
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Xbox /PS4 Game Systems
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Interactive Software
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